Newsletter: March, 2014

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter, March, 2014

Mimi O’Donnell opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song, “My country tis of thee” and the prayer was led by John Startt.

Mimi introduced and welcomed guests.

Speaker:  Megan Ross
Megan Ross, a recipient of the Thomas Briscoe Family Rouse Scholar that our club gives for Howard Community College (HCC) students. She is attending HCC in her second and final year in the Rouse Scholars program.  She thanked us for our support to her. She lives on her family farm in Howard County. She was 4-H President and her passion is to work against human trafficking in Howard County and throughout Maryland. She is also working as a Mary Kay consultant. Her plans are to transfer to Towson University and continue her field of nursing next year. She is awaiting acceptance at Towson.  Over the summer she studied abroad in Ireland, and she has the opportunity to study in France this summer. She left us with her appreciation of our investment in her college tuition.

• Evan Langert’s wife, Sue, has generously donated a beautiful, original art print and frame to our club. We are selling raffle ticket for $10/each; or $25/3 tickets until April 22. We will draw a winner for this phenomenal artwork on April 22 at the Rotary reunion. You can find this information on the front page of our web site at
• Soup ‘R Sundae is coming March 30th; a fundraiser of $20/person for all the soup and sundaes you can eat and the funds go to Grassroots. Get your tickets from Mimi; thanks to Earl for selling first bunch of tickets!
Mimi reviewed recent Peter Kyle, District Governor’s top 10 Wish List with us.

Update from Jennifer Carr Pilholski on Sierra Leone Project
I have some exciting news! Eric Wolvosky (an original Howard County Rotaract member) and I are getting ready to submit our 501(c)(3) paperwork this month to make our organization official. A large part of why we were able to take this project to the next level is because of the Columbia Rotary’s support over the past three years. Please tell everyone that we are still so grateful for their support over the years. If you would like to see our new web site, you can go to:  If your Club is interested, we would be happy to acknowledge your club on our web site and include a direct link to your site.

Pin & Badge:      Herb Moltzan

50/50 Winner:  John Startt


Becky hall of fame how co

Howard County’s Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony. From left, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman; inductees Bessie Bordenave, Feli Solá-Carter, Becky Mangus, Ossie Clay and Caroline Sherman; and County Council person
Courtney Watson.

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks:

Becky: $1 Sad Buck that she could not make it last week due to production week at The Business Monthly; $1 for this week Becky will be inducted into the Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame; $1 for Chuck for helping her prepare Tom Briscoe’s house for Yard Sale on April 5th
Vernon: for our visiting scholar and Missy
Rick Hope: For our visiting scholar, Megan and Missy
• Mimi: For Missy/Megan visiting us from Howard Community College, For Becky and other Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame inductees – Congrats Becky!
• Missy: Back among friends; and new folks – feels like coming home
• Dave: Congrats to Becky and well deserved and for Missy visiting
Tom Burtzlaff – April 8, 2014 Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP; no more updates will be done; no
patches; no security updates etc. 30% of computers in country still have Windows XP