Newsletter June 25, 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter June 25, 2013rotary_logo

Dave Parris opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Becky Mangus. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by John Startt.

Guest Introduction

Balbir brought a guest, Warshall, to our club, who helped to print our golf brochures.

President’s “Farewell”

As outgoing president, Dave shared with us his thoughts and acknowledgements for the past year; a time of reflection. He reviewed many of the positive items which happened this past year.
He was very honored to be asked last year to be our club’s president. He felt he’d been a good soldier for a long period of time and was ready for a role of leadership. He joined this club because of the quality of people in this Rotary Club.
Dave acknowledged Herb Moltzan’s great job as our previous year’s president. Dave shared with us that a goal was to improve the quality of our weekly meetings. We had and continue to have excellent speakers. Sergeant at Arms Geoff Klopp has improved our club meetings. Membership in this club is a privilege and opportunity to serve and that is how Dave sees it; how he wants it to be projected to others; potential members.
We still have a way to go with having 20 paying members to cover our weekly costs at Eggspectation. Dave acknowledged all the members of the club for each of their individual accomplishments to the club this year.
Many thanks from all the members to Becky Mangus as we acknowledged her as our “Rotarian of the Year” for the many ways she assists this club and exemplifies what a Rotarian means.

Five Minutes with Geoff …Vernon Gray

Geoff asked Vernon about his personal interest in Columbia and how he arrived here.
Vernon moved here as it was a halfway point between Baltimore and Washington – where he and his wife each worked. He bought his home in 1973. His favorite part of Columbia is the community feel; ability to walk around the lake and enjoy the area.

Happy Bucks:

• Earl: for his new granddaughter – 5 grandsons and now first granddaughter, Lilah Mae
• Raj S: for Dave and all of our Rotarians
• Raj D: for Dave and our incoming president Mimi
• Herb: for Dave, Mimi and for all of our Rotarians
• John: for Jim McDiarmid being better; for outgoing president Dave, incoming president Mimi
• Balbir: for new perspective member, Warshall; for Dave’s efforts
• Ed K: for everyone’s caring while he was out; and for everyone who stood with Loretta during his absence; for nice Father’s Day
• Tom G: for Dave’s presidency
• Tom Briscoe: for Becky – she has done so much for this club and for him personally
• Becky – for Dave and how much she has enjoyed this year; for “Rotarian of Year” award; for her son, Chad who will begin as a RN at Howard County General Hospital on July 8; for her 33rd anniversary
• Mimi for her upcoming Presidency as following Dave is no easy task.


Lucky winner was – Tom Glasner

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Herb Moltzan