Newsletter: December, 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter, December, 2013rotary_logo
Mimi O’Donnell opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by Dave Parris. Mimi introduced and welcomed guests.

Speaker:  Tom Glenn
Our speaker, Tom Glenn spoke with us about his role as a CIA adviser to the Ambassador during the Vietnam War. He shared many details of the front lines with us as well as discussed his upcoming book that will be published in the spring 2014.

• Evan Langert’s wife, Sue, has generously donated a beautiful, original art print and frame to our club. We are selling raffle ticket for $10/each; or $25/3 tickets until April 22nd. We will draw a winner for this phenomenal artwork on April 22nd at the Rotary reunion. You can find this information on the front page of our website at
• Please remember to check the website for your night to pick up Tom Briscoe. Upcoming dates for December/January are: Dec. 17: Geoff Klopp; Jan. 7: Raj Desai

5 minutes with Jim McDiarmid – We enjoyed learning a bit more about his interesting life!

Pin & Badge
Tom Briscoe – second time called and is a big winner!

50/50 Winner
Congrats to Becky Mangus

Happy Bucks:
• Tom Burtzlaff: His turkey cooking adventure went well!
• Herb: For our speaker & his excellent presentation
• Becky: For a wonderful Thanksgiving, for our great speaker and for removal of the squirrel who has lived in her kitchen
• Dave: An impactful talk from our speaker tonight! For his handy man skills the garbage disposal had been replaced
• Raj: For his weekend and terrific movie
• Earl: For playing with the grandkids in New Orleans for Thanksgiving and life is good
• Steve: For our exceptional speaker, for his over 20 guests at Thanksgiving, and for football
• Tom Glenn: Thank you for having me tonight.
• Jim M: For Tom Glenn; and for his upcoming 50-year anniversary
• Mimi: For Jim for bringing Tom Glenn to us; for her family in Fairbanks and for her recent movie
• Ganesh: For his 2-year-old grandson’s birthday celebration