Newsletter April 23. 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter April 23, 2013

Dave Parris opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by Mimi O’Donnell.

Induction of Vernon Gray

The club was very pleased to induct Vernon Gray. Vernon and his wife, Sandra, were both present. Fred Antenberg, the member who sponsored Vernon, introduced them. Dave lead the induction and all the members welcomed Vernon to becoming a member of the Columbia Rotary Club.


• The club welcomed our returning visitor, Toiya

• Tuesday, April 30 we will have Charity Awards at Howard Community College in the Kittleman Room at 6 p.m..

• Rebuilding Together report was given for April 27 by Geoff Klopp. Freestate Challenge Academy have confirmed 10 volunteers. We could use shovels, rakes and a large ladder. Steve Sachs is providing us with lunch from Honey Baked Ham. 9 am start date. Rick Menz volunteered use of his ladder.

• As it was Club Assembly, Mimi discussed with us the results of a recent strategic planning meeting regarding the vision for the future of our club highlighting both strengths and possible areas for improvement.

• Communications Committee – Becky, Tom & Anita gave a report on our new website

Five Minutes with … Geoff Klopp

Dave interviewed Geoff this time instead of Geoff interviewing everyone else. We learned about Geoff’s roots in Columbia, where he met his wife, Julie. Julie’s family were some of the first residents in Columbia. Geoff first visited in 1978; and then relocated here in 1985 for work where he has loved making his home and enjoying the beautiful area. Something no one knows about Geoff: he does Yoga every day but not with Julie as she was a Yoga teacher. His favorite memory of Columbia is walking with Julie.

Happy Bucks:

• Fred: for Vernon Induction to the club, and for Sandra joining us tonight

• Rick H.: to welcome to Vernon; one for Toiya, our visitor

• Tom Burtzlaff: for Anita – all the work she did on website; went from prehistoric to terrific new website

• Tom Briscoe: to welcome Vernon, our new member

• Earl: for his upcoming weekend with the grandchildren

• Becky: for Vernon joining us; having Sandra here tonight; for Tom & Anita’s work on website; for our upcoming Rebuilding Together program this Saturday

• Rick Menz: for Vernon joining us as the club is lucky to have him with us

• Dave: the pleasure of having Vernon join us, and having Sandra with us; for playing golf this past week with Mimi & “Blossoms of Hope”

Sad Bucks:

• Becky: for Raj Saini’s loss of his mother-in-law

• Rick Menz: for a friend, who made such contributions to our community, who just passed


Lucky winner was – Rick Menz

Pin / Badge

Ed Kreiner’s name was called – our thoughts are with him as he recovers and we hope for his return to the club soon