Newsletter April 16, 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter April 16, 2013

Dave Parris opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by John Startt.


• Dave announced that next week we will induct Vernon Gray as a new member.

• Herb gave a report of the Rotary 4-Way District contest saying the students participating are phenomenal and Eugene, from Freestate Challenge Academy, did a great job on behalf of our club.

• We welcomed all of our guests and visitors to the club.


Becky introduced and the club welcomed our speakers from Success in Style, Jeanette Kendall and Kathy Botsford. Kathy spoke with club members about Success in Style and its mission of providing free business wardrobes to disadvantaged individuals seeking employment. She spoke about the impact that it makes on low income men and women by helping them.
You can find them on the web at or via phone at 301-498-5035 or email at

More Announcements:

• Becky announced that we will have a “Business Attire Collection Day” on July 27th to assist Success in Style where you can help by promoting, attending and volunteering your time, along with your donations.

• Next week we will be having club assembly. The following Tuesday, April 30th we will have Charity Awards at Howard Community College, Kittleman Room.

• Herb gave a report on Final Four and our final results which was that we made enough money to fund the Scholar/Athlete scholarships and even made a small profit above and beyond.

• Rebuilding Together report was given — reserve Sat., April 27 for our club event and working on a home for Humanim. Please contact Geoff Klopp for more info.

• Dave spoke about the upcoming Remembrance Run, which will be on Memorial Day, Mon., May 27. Raj discussed with us the details and asked each one of us as members to sign up 5 people to walk or run, it would be a great thing to help our charities and club.

Happy Bucks: (sorry, a few were missing due to technical difficulty)

• Herb: For the opportunity to judge and be at the speaking contest last week; for tomorrow morning he leaves for a golf event at Myrtle Beach!

• Steve: Lee and he close on a new home this week.

• Earl: For purchase of 3 Spiderman outdoor & fishing sets for his grandchildren for an upcoming event with them the end of month.

• John: For our speaker and possible new member!

• Russ: For our new member, Vernon

• Becky: For our speakers tonight from Success in Style and for our pot luck at Mimi’s last week

• Tom: For being with us and our speakers

• Dave: For our speakers, for having Raj back with us and feeling better; and for his grandchildren and enjoying watching them hula hooping last weekend

No Sad Bucks


Lucky winner was – Mimi O’Donnell

Pin / Badge

Fred Antenberg was called; with badge/pin on & present; his second time – he won! Fred then donated his winnings to Success In Style — in his grand style. Thank you, Fred.