News from the Club for May, 2014

Jim M Rotary 50th

Jim McDiarmid’s 50th anniversary in Rotary was celebrated at the April 22 pot luck dinner at the home of member Elaine Buderer

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter, May, 2014
Mimi O’Donnell opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Becky Mangus. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer was led by John Startt.  Mimi introduced and welcomed guests.

Speaker: Beverly White-Seals, Community Foundation of Howard County
Dr. White-Seals is the executive director of the Community Foundation of Howard County. She spoke about philanthropy in Howard County and the results of a recent survey.  Community foundations were first founded in 1914. In 1967, Jim Rouse started the first community foundation in Maryland, the Columbia Foundation.  At that time, banks would put money toward nonprofits in exchange for exclusivity in village centers. Howard County is the best or highest rated of many things, but some we don’t hear about. We have the highest rate of autism in the state because many people move to Howard County because of the many programs located here. There are 700 children eligible for Head Start in Howard County, but only 264 slots. Howard County is one of the centers for human sex trafficking on the east coast (due to its proximity to all modes of travel) There is a disportionate number of graduates from HCC among minorities. HCC Pride is a group of young minority men who band together to improve those numbers. When asked what the number one thing they needed, they said food. In order to pay tuition, books, lodging, etc., they did not have enough left over for food. The study, How America Gives: A Philanthropy Study shows that based on the percentage of disposable income — the less the income, the greater the percentage given. Howard County ranks 129th of 3115 in giving in the country where as Prince George’s County is 30 out of 3115. Beverly suggested that perhaps we don’t give as much because the need is hidden “behind the begeonias” or other such covering. How do we change the philantrhopic needle, she asked? Perhaps via charitable giving accounts, we need to be thoughtful and intentional about our giving.

• Ty re: Remembrance Run. Will go on without the Striders and there will be no shirts this year to keep costs down. We need sponsors and runners/walkers. Please get the word out. Also, we will need volunteers the day of  the event, Monday, May 26 about 6:30–10 a.m.
• Becky needs to know who is coming to the Charity awards May 13 to put in the food order. A sign-up sheet was sent around and will be again May 6.

Pin & Badge
Beverly White-Seals
50/50 Winner
Ganesh Nayak
Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks:
Becky collected the $$ so couldn’t write down the details. However, the majority of the happy bucks were for our guest speaker, Beverly White-Seals; for Elaine Buderer’s hosting a great pot luck at her home the week before; and for Rebuilding Together that was held the Saturday prior the meeting.

geoff herb

Howard County Council member Mary Kay Sigaty visits the Columbia Rotary Club’s Rebuilding Together site on Saturday, April 26. Joining Sigaty were club members Herb Moltzan (left) and Geoff Klopp (team leader). Club members, Freestate Challenge Academy students and members from the Howard West Provisionary club joined in the day’s clean up and spruce up of a group home.