News from the Club for May, 2014

Jim M Rotary 50th

Jim McDiarmid’s 50th anniversary in Rotary was celebrated at the April 22 pot luck dinner at the home of member Elaine Buderer

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter, May, 2014
Mimi O’Donnell opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Becky Mangus. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer was led by John Startt.  Mimi introduced and welcomed guests.

Speaker: Beverly White-Seals, Community Foundation of Howard County
Dr. White-Seals is the executive director of the Community Foundation of Howard County. She spoke about philanthropy in Howard County and the results of a recent survey.  Community foundations were first founded in 1914. In 1967, Jim Rouse started the first community foundation in Maryland, the Columbia Foundation.  At that time, banks would put money toward nonprofits in exchange for exclusivity in village centers. Howard County is the best or highest rated of many things, but some we don’t hear about. We have the highest rate of autism in the state because many people move to Howard County because of the many programs located here. There are 700 children eligible for Head Start in Howard County, but only 264 slots. Howard County is one of the centers for human sex trafficking on the east coast (due to its proximity to all modes of travel) There is a disportionate number of graduates from HCC among minorities. HCC Pride is a group of young minority men who band together to improve those numbers. When asked what the number one thing they needed, they said food. In order to pay tuition, books, lodging, etc., they did not have enough left over for food. The study, How America Gives: A Philanthropy Study shows that based on the percentage of disposable income — the less the income, the greater the percentage given. Howard County ranks 129th of 3115 in giving in the country where as Prince George’s County is 30 out of 3115. Beverly suggested that perhaps we don’t give as much because the need is hidden “behind the begeonias” or other such covering. How do we change the philantrhopic needle, she asked? Perhaps via charitable giving accounts, we need to be thoughtful and intentional about our giving.

• Ty re: Remembrance Run. Will go on without the Striders and there will be no shirts this year to keep costs down. We need sponsors and runners/walkers. Please get the word out. Also, we will need volunteers the day of  the event, Monday, May 26 about 6:30–10 a.m.
• Becky needs to know who is coming to the Charity awards May 13 to put in the food order. A sign-up sheet was sent around and will be again May 6.

Pin & Badge
Beverly White-Seals
50/50 Winner
Ganesh Nayak
Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks:
Becky collected the $$ so couldn’t write down the details. However, the majority of the happy bucks were for our guest speaker, Beverly White-Seals; for Elaine Buderer’s hosting a great pot luck at her home the week before; and for Rebuilding Together that was held the Saturday prior the meeting.

geoff herb

Howard County Council member Mary Kay Sigaty visits the Columbia Rotary Club’s Rebuilding Together site on Saturday, April 26. Joining Sigaty were club members Herb Moltzan (left) and Geoff Klopp (team leader). Club members, Freestate Challenge Academy students and members from the Howard West Provisionary club joined in the day’s clean up and spruce up of a group home.


April Newsletter

April 2014 program flier

Newsletter: March, 2014

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter, March, 2014

Mimi O’Donnell opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song, “My country tis of thee” and the prayer was led by John Startt.

Mimi introduced and welcomed guests.

Speaker:  Megan Ross
Megan Ross, a recipient of the Thomas Briscoe Family Rouse Scholar that our club gives for Howard Community College (HCC) students. She is attending HCC in her second and final year in the Rouse Scholars program.  She thanked us for our support to her. She lives on her family farm in Howard County. She was 4-H President and her passion is to work against human trafficking in Howard County and throughout Maryland. She is also working as a Mary Kay consultant. Her plans are to transfer to Towson University and continue her field of nursing next year. She is awaiting acceptance at Towson.  Over the summer she studied abroad in Ireland, and she has the opportunity to study in France this summer. She left us with her appreciation of our investment in her college tuition.

• Evan Langert’s wife, Sue, has generously donated a beautiful, original art print and frame to our club. We are selling raffle ticket for $10/each; or $25/3 tickets until April 22. We will draw a winner for this phenomenal artwork on April 22 at the Rotary reunion. You can find this information on the front page of our web site at
• Soup ‘R Sundae is coming March 30th; a fundraiser of $20/person for all the soup and sundaes you can eat and the funds go to Grassroots. Get your tickets from Mimi; thanks to Earl for selling first bunch of tickets!
Mimi reviewed recent Peter Kyle, District Governor’s top 10 Wish List with us.

Update from Jennifer Carr Pilholski on Sierra Leone Project
I have some exciting news! Eric Wolvosky (an original Howard County Rotaract member) and I are getting ready to submit our 501(c)(3) paperwork this month to make our organization official. A large part of why we were able to take this project to the next level is because of the Columbia Rotary’s support over the past three years. Please tell everyone that we are still so grateful for their support over the years. If you would like to see our new web site, you can go to:  If your Club is interested, we would be happy to acknowledge your club on our web site and include a direct link to your site.

Pin & Badge:      Herb Moltzan

50/50 Winner:  John Startt


Becky hall of fame how co

Howard County’s Hall of Fame 2014 Induction Ceremony. From left, Howard County Executive Ken Ulman; inductees Bessie Bordenave, Feli Solá-Carter, Becky Mangus, Ossie Clay and Caroline Sherman; and County Council person
Courtney Watson.

Happy Bucks/Sad Bucks:

Becky: $1 Sad Buck that she could not make it last week due to production week at The Business Monthly; $1 for this week Becky will be inducted into the Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame; $1 for Chuck for helping her prepare Tom Briscoe’s house for Yard Sale on April 5th
Vernon: for our visiting scholar and Missy
Rick Hope: For our visiting scholar, Megan and Missy
• Mimi: For Missy/Megan visiting us from Howard Community College, For Becky and other Howard County Women’s Hall of Fame inductees – Congrats Becky!
• Missy: Back among friends; and new folks – feels like coming home
• Dave: Congrats to Becky and well deserved and for Missy visiting
Tom Burtzlaff – April 8, 2014 Microsoft will no longer support Windows XP; no more updates will be done; no
patches; no security updates etc. 30% of computers in country still have Windows XP

Newsletter: February, 2014

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter, February 11, 2014

Mimi O’Donnell opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Fred Antenberg. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer.

Before our dinner meeting, the board of directors meeting was held, below are some of the highlights.

Tonight TJ Lamdin-Alderman Dir. of Development of the Christo Rey, Jesuit high school described an outstanding college preparatory program for inner city students. The project was established several years ago to facilitate students in becoming prepared for college. In order to participate in the program, students must meet the following requirements:

a: Students must have good grades (A’s and B’s).

b. Have good attendance.

c. Parental commitment.

Students must obtain grades of A’s and B’s during the program as well as spend five days a month performing entry-level positions with partner corporations. The earnings of the students goes directly back to the program. 100% of the students who graduate from this program get accepted at colleges, often schools that are high ranking. The school is located in Fells Point, Baltimore. More than 100 companies participate by providing entry-level positions including clerical and mail room jobs. In addition to the work-study tutoring, counseling and assistance in obtaining college scholarships are provided. Also, a three-week boot camp is provided to students to bring their educational level so that they will adjust to this supportive and dynamic program. The program
relies on individual donations and is a 501(c)3 Corporation. The program initially obtained approximately $7 million to establish the program. Its current budget is approximately $5.3 million.

Sherman Howell a guest of Vernon Gray, Don Frank, Esq, a guest of Geoffrey Klopp.

50-50 winner
Earl Wilkinson, M.D.

Pin and Badge
Rick Menz

Attendance –  66 2/3%, Make Ups: Fred Antenberg – two.

Announcements of Club and District Activities
Presented by President O’Donnell at the Board Meeting and regular meeting:

I.Saturday, April 5, 2014, a flea market to be held at Tom Briscoe’s residence. Friday April 4 members will move items into Tom’s basement for the flea market. (Date is still not confirmed – may be April 12th)

II. Tuesday, April 22, 2014, our club’s reunion in which we seek to have former members back to a dinner meeting to be held at the Howard community college. Please inform Tom Burtzlaff of the names and contact information of former members and please identify that you were the one who provided the name of the former member.

III. May 5, 2014 Final Four Basketball Tournament. Tentatively plan to sell tickets including to haoldl the traditional party unless Duke is not a participant.

IV. April 10, 2014, deadline for Scholar Athlete Award Applications.

V. May 9th through May 11, 2014: This year’s District Conference will be held at the Baltimore Hilton. You can register at District 7620 website.

VI. Deadline to submit applications to the district March 15, 2014. There is a deadline where each Rotary Club is supposed to submit the applications for the District Scholarships on or before March 15, 2014. The club is reviewing the possibility of our participation.

Newsletter: December, 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter, December, 2013rotary_logo
Mimi O’Donnell opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by Dave Parris. Mimi introduced and welcomed guests.

Speaker:  Tom Glenn
Our speaker, Tom Glenn spoke with us about his role as a CIA adviser to the Ambassador during the Vietnam War. He shared many details of the front lines with us as well as discussed his upcoming book that will be published in the spring 2014.

• Evan Langert’s wife, Sue, has generously donated a beautiful, original art print and frame to our club. We are selling raffle ticket for $10/each; or $25/3 tickets until April 22nd. We will draw a winner for this phenomenal artwork on April 22nd at the Rotary reunion. You can find this information on the front page of our website at
• Please remember to check the website for your night to pick up Tom Briscoe. Upcoming dates for December/January are: Dec. 17: Geoff Klopp; Jan. 7: Raj Desai

5 minutes with Jim McDiarmid – We enjoyed learning a bit more about his interesting life!

Pin & Badge
Tom Briscoe – second time called and is a big winner!

50/50 Winner
Congrats to Becky Mangus

Happy Bucks:
• Tom Burtzlaff: His turkey cooking adventure went well!
• Herb: For our speaker & his excellent presentation
• Becky: For a wonderful Thanksgiving, for our great speaker and for removal of the squirrel who has lived in her kitchen
• Dave: An impactful talk from our speaker tonight! For his handy man skills the garbage disposal had been replaced
• Raj: For his weekend and terrific movie
• Earl: For playing with the grandkids in New Orleans for Thanksgiving and life is good
• Steve: For our exceptional speaker, for his over 20 guests at Thanksgiving, and for football
• Tom Glenn: Thank you for having me tonight.
• Jim M: For Tom Glenn; and for his upcoming 50-year anniversary
• Mimi: For Jim for bringing Tom Glenn to us; for her family in Fairbanks and for her recent movie
• Ganesh: For his 2-year-old grandson’s birthday celebration

Newsletter July 2, 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter July 2, 2013

Meeting was opened at 6:30 pm. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song, “My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by Vernon Gray.

Induction & President’s Speech

Mimi O’Donnell was inducted as our new club President, along with our other new (or returning) leaders.Mimi
Raj Saini lead the Induction Ceremony for Mimi as president; Tom Burztlaff as president-elect, Rick Hope as secretary; Herb Moltzan as treasurer. He discussed the significance of the new leaders, a new year and he took a moment to reflect upon the history of our Rotary Club.
Mimi shared with us her thoughts and ideas for the upcoming year.

Secretary Report

Rick Hope – 78% Attendance this week.


• Evan Langert will be in charge of our program/speakers this year. He asked the club to assist him with connecting him with interesting and vital speakers for our club meetings.
• This Saturday is the Rotary District Governor’s Installation. Rick H. is driving and you can still sign up until July 4th. No walks-ins due to security.
• Geoff is going to continue as Sergeant in Arms. This year, he is going to ask each of us to supply three items about ourselves that is not readily known by members. We will have a new ‘getting to know’ you activity to replace Five Minutes With Geoff.
• Becky discussed the Golf Tournament and how valuable this is to our programs. She encouraged members to begin sending out the fliers to their contacts.
• Becky also talked about our upcoming July 27th “Success in Style” clothing drive for business attire for men and women, along with jewelry or other items. The stores at Savage Mill sells items for customers at $5 and this helps to supply new undergarments. There is also an ad in The Business Monthly.
Happy Bucks:
• Jim: – for everyone’s caring and the finest fruit basket he’s ever received
• Dave: – for all the great details that Mimi will bring to the club; very happy about the upcoming new year
• Becky: for Mimi and all her support to her; last week the photo on Facebook and the Rotary page received a great deal of Likes and Comments for her “Rotarian of Year” award; for Anniversary and retreat to Ocean City
• Rick Hope: for Becky as “Rotarian of Year”; for Dave and for Mimi congrats; for the upcoming exciting year
• Raj S: Inducting a new great president, Mimi; for his trip to visit his son in Florida and having a chance to visit his Rotary Club; so excited for having 25 members all the great things we are doing

50/50 Raffle

Mimi O’Donnell

Pin / Badge

Geoff Klopp

Newsletter June 25, 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter June 25, 2013rotary_logo

Dave Parris opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Becky Mangus. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by John Startt.

Guest Introduction

Balbir brought a guest, Warshall, to our club, who helped to print our golf brochures.

President’s “Farewell”

As outgoing president, Dave shared with us his thoughts and acknowledgements for the past year; a time of reflection. He reviewed many of the positive items which happened this past year.
He was very honored to be asked last year to be our club’s president. He felt he’d been a good soldier for a long period of time and was ready for a role of leadership. He joined this club because of the quality of people in this Rotary Club.
Dave acknowledged Herb Moltzan’s great job as our previous year’s president. Dave shared with us that a goal was to improve the quality of our weekly meetings. We had and continue to have excellent speakers. Sergeant at Arms Geoff Klopp has improved our club meetings. Membership in this club is a privilege and opportunity to serve and that is how Dave sees it; how he wants it to be projected to others; potential members.
We still have a way to go with having 20 paying members to cover our weekly costs at Eggspectation. Dave acknowledged all the members of the club for each of their individual accomplishments to the club this year.
Many thanks from all the members to Becky Mangus as we acknowledged her as our “Rotarian of the Year” for the many ways she assists this club and exemplifies what a Rotarian means.

Five Minutes with Geoff …Vernon Gray

Geoff asked Vernon about his personal interest in Columbia and how he arrived here.
Vernon moved here as it was a halfway point between Baltimore and Washington – where he and his wife each worked. He bought his home in 1973. His favorite part of Columbia is the community feel; ability to walk around the lake and enjoy the area.

Happy Bucks:

• Earl: for his new granddaughter – 5 grandsons and now first granddaughter, Lilah Mae
• Raj S: for Dave and all of our Rotarians
• Raj D: for Dave and our incoming president Mimi
• Herb: for Dave, Mimi and for all of our Rotarians
• John: for Jim McDiarmid being better; for outgoing president Dave, incoming president Mimi
• Balbir: for new perspective member, Warshall; for Dave’s efforts
• Ed K: for everyone’s caring while he was out; and for everyone who stood with Loretta during his absence; for nice Father’s Day
• Tom G: for Dave’s presidency
• Tom Briscoe: for Becky – she has done so much for this club and for him personally
• Becky – for Dave and how much she has enjoyed this year; for “Rotarian of Year” award; for her son, Chad who will begin as a RN at Howard County General Hospital on July 8; for her 33rd anniversary
• Mimi for her upcoming Presidency as following Dave is no easy task.


Lucky winner was – Tom Glasner

Pin / Badge

Herb Moltzan

Newsletter April 23. 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter April 23, 2013

Dave Parris opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by Mimi O’Donnell.

Induction of Vernon Gray

The club was very pleased to induct Vernon Gray. Vernon and his wife, Sandra, were both present. Fred Antenberg, the member who sponsored Vernon, introduced them. Dave lead the induction and all the members welcomed Vernon to becoming a member of the Columbia Rotary Club.


• The club welcomed our returning visitor, Toiya

• Tuesday, April 30 we will have Charity Awards at Howard Community College in the Kittleman Room at 6 p.m..

• Rebuilding Together report was given for April 27 by Geoff Klopp. Freestate Challenge Academy have confirmed 10 volunteers. We could use shovels, rakes and a large ladder. Steve Sachs is providing us with lunch from Honey Baked Ham. 9 am start date. Rick Menz volunteered use of his ladder.

• As it was Club Assembly, Mimi discussed with us the results of a recent strategic planning meeting regarding the vision for the future of our club highlighting both strengths and possible areas for improvement.

• Communications Committee – Becky, Tom & Anita gave a report on our new website

Five Minutes with … Geoff Klopp

Dave interviewed Geoff this time instead of Geoff interviewing everyone else. We learned about Geoff’s roots in Columbia, where he met his wife, Julie. Julie’s family were some of the first residents in Columbia. Geoff first visited in 1978; and then relocated here in 1985 for work where he has loved making his home and enjoying the beautiful area. Something no one knows about Geoff: he does Yoga every day but not with Julie as she was a Yoga teacher. His favorite memory of Columbia is walking with Julie.

Happy Bucks:

• Fred: for Vernon Induction to the club, and for Sandra joining us tonight

• Rick H.: to welcome to Vernon; one for Toiya, our visitor

• Tom Burtzlaff: for Anita – all the work she did on website; went from prehistoric to terrific new website

• Tom Briscoe: to welcome Vernon, our new member

• Earl: for his upcoming weekend with the grandchildren

• Becky: for Vernon joining us; having Sandra here tonight; for Tom & Anita’s work on website; for our upcoming Rebuilding Together program this Saturday

• Rick Menz: for Vernon joining us as the club is lucky to have him with us

• Dave: the pleasure of having Vernon join us, and having Sandra with us; for playing golf this past week with Mimi & “Blossoms of Hope”

Sad Bucks:

• Becky: for Raj Saini’s loss of his mother-in-law

• Rick Menz: for a friend, who made such contributions to our community, who just passed


Lucky winner was – Rick Menz

Pin / Badge

Ed Kreiner’s name was called – our thoughts are with him as he recovers and we hope for his return to the club soon

Newsletter April 16, 2013

Columbia Rotary Club Newsletter April 16, 2013

Dave Parris opened the meeting at 6:30 p.m. Minutes submitted by Anita Hicks. The meeting started with the Pledge of Allegiance, the song “ My country tis of thee” and the prayer led by John Startt.


• Dave announced that next week we will induct Vernon Gray as a new member.

• Herb gave a report of the Rotary 4-Way District contest saying the students participating are phenomenal and Eugene, from Freestate Challenge Academy, did a great job on behalf of our club.

• We welcomed all of our guests and visitors to the club.


Becky introduced and the club welcomed our speakers from Success in Style, Jeanette Kendall and Kathy Botsford. Kathy spoke with club members about Success in Style and its mission of providing free business wardrobes to disadvantaged individuals seeking employment. She spoke about the impact that it makes on low income men and women by helping them.
You can find them on the web at or via phone at 301-498-5035 or email at

More Announcements:

• Becky announced that we will have a “Business Attire Collection Day” on July 27th to assist Success in Style where you can help by promoting, attending and volunteering your time, along with your donations.

• Next week we will be having club assembly. The following Tuesday, April 30th we will have Charity Awards at Howard Community College, Kittleman Room.

• Herb gave a report on Final Four and our final results which was that we made enough money to fund the Scholar/Athlete scholarships and even made a small profit above and beyond.

• Rebuilding Together report was given — reserve Sat., April 27 for our club event and working on a home for Humanim. Please contact Geoff Klopp for more info.

• Dave spoke about the upcoming Remembrance Run, which will be on Memorial Day, Mon., May 27. Raj discussed with us the details and asked each one of us as members to sign up 5 people to walk or run, it would be a great thing to help our charities and club.

Happy Bucks: (sorry, a few were missing due to technical difficulty)

• Herb: For the opportunity to judge and be at the speaking contest last week; for tomorrow morning he leaves for a golf event at Myrtle Beach!

• Steve: Lee and he close on a new home this week.

• Earl: For purchase of 3 Spiderman outdoor & fishing sets for his grandchildren for an upcoming event with them the end of month.

• John: For our speaker and possible new member!

• Russ: For our new member, Vernon

• Becky: For our speakers tonight from Success in Style and for our pot luck at Mimi’s last week

• Tom: For being with us and our speakers

• Dave: For our speakers, for having Raj back with us and feeling better; and for his grandchildren and enjoying watching them hula hooping last weekend

No Sad Bucks


Lucky winner was – Mimi O’Donnell

Pin / Badge

Fred Antenberg was called; with badge/pin on & present; his second time – he won! Fred then donated his winnings to Success In Style — in his grand style. Thank you, Fred.

Newsletter March 26, 2013

March 26, Sheldon Fielman, White House Photographer for NBC News



Raj Saini pinning Ed Kreiner with
his third Paul Harris Fellow honor.
Ed’s wife, Loretta, watches. All
members were happy to see Ed
back and doing well.